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  • The lease price is set according to the number of sites, features and equipment leased property.
  • The price includes towels, linens and kitchen of the house in general.
  • Formalizing reservation for a number of places per property higher than that is found beds equipped, and provided that the characteristics of the property and the rules applicable to the case permits, will involve the collection of a fee for each extra bed.

The landlord, sent by email to those interested in formalizing lease on property that offer, a copy of the lease, together with the general conditions. Since then the applicant has a period of between 3 to 5 days maximum (depending on booked dates) to proceed to confirm your reservation by sending the following e-mail system to hola@amadorvilla.com the following documentation:

  • a) Proof of income of 25% of the total amount of booking the reservation to formalize the current account that will provide.
  • b) Contract signed lease.
  • c) Copy of DNI / PASSPORT

Payment of the balance must be paid before receiving the keys to the property.


The tenant agrees at all times to respect the maximum number of occupants who accepts the house and / or the exact number of people the reservation was made, so that in no case stipulated increase its number. Each house is prepared to accommodate a certain number and maximum number of people, so do not be permitted under any circumstances an occupant that exceeds the maximum established.

Otherwise it will be considered as breach of contract and other measures as an extra charge, which can lead to loss of the deposit and / or directly to the evacuation of the property is taken. Any additional person occupying the rental property can result in the loss of the deposit, only the number of persons mentioned above in the first part of the contract are accepted as part of the group rental.

4. BAIL:

The tenant is liable for any damage and / or damage that may occur in the rented property itself, its occupants and / or its visitors and is obliged to take care of the whole leased, as well as to inform the owner, any damage or damage whatever its origin.

A la entUpon delivery of keys, the tenant must deliver cash cash at check in. a deposit an amount to be determined in each case depending on the characteristics, equipment and category of the leased property, which is liable for the proper maintenance and use, maintenance, repair, replacement and cleaning of the rented property in its broadest sense with all that it is fitting and / or dependent.

The client has a term of 48 hours to ensure the good condition of the leased property and to inform the owner, the existence of any damage or damage to the foreign customer home. This deposit will be returned once the property has been inspected and verified that everything has been in correct conditions as the house was given to the tenant. The lessee is jointly liable for any damage or loss caused to the property and its contents during your occupation and for payment of the compensation, so his behavior as that of all other occupants of the property leased.

  • The accommodation will be ready from 15:00 hours the day of arrival, unless expressly specification.
  • The last day of the contract the property must be vacated at most at 10:00. Customers should make delivery of the keys to our customer service staff in the period of between 10:00 and 12:00 hours, unless expressly specification.
  • It is very important that this condition is respected because it depends on the proper functioning of our system. If not respected we will be forced to retain a deposit penalty 250'00 €.

The landlord is not responsible in any way for the loss (of value) and / or damage to the belongings of the tenant and other occupants in the property leased.

PROSABUNAM, SL (trading company) declares that it acts as an intermediary between owners and tenants and is only responsible for the correct information offered accommodation, indicated endowment and its precise location.

Therefore, declines all responsibility for any damage, accident, delay or other causes beyond the management of rental property.

Consequently, property and trading company assume no responsibility for injury or death of people who rent the property or guests in the rented property. PROSABUNAM, SL and the owner shall not be liable for any loss, failure or delay beyond our reasonable control.

Notwithstanding this, always happy to provide help as much as we can to solve any disturbance or problem.


tenants of the dangers and risks of stay of children in homes that have are cautioned pool. It is therefore imperative that children are accompanied and supervised by an adult, especially around the pool.

The owner informs the lessee to purchase some sort of travel insurance to protect them and their valuables. The owner assumes no responsibility for valuables tenant / client. They must be careful to protect all your valuables, as the property insurance does not protect valuables, not those who are in the safe of the property if there is one.

9. PETS:

Casa Amador is proud to be Pet friendly in Ibiza. For your convenience, your pet and the other guests, we invite you to follow our rules for pet accommodation.

  • A conducting pre booking please advise traveling with a pet and data.
  • Is allowed dogs with Maximum weight of 20 kilos except guide dogs.
  • Your dog must have current immunization record.
  • To use our facilities of the house, your dog needs to be tied up with a collar and leash pet in good condition.
  • Among the facilities you are not allowed to walk the dog to meet your needs. So you must walk outside the facility and collect stool do your dog.
  • The dog's owner is obliged to keep in proper hygienic and sanitary conditions.
  • The owner will be liable for damages caused by the dog, to property or third parties.
  • The amount of damage caused by your pet during the stay at the hotel will be charged to bail the day of check out.
  • You will not be allowed to get on the chairs, furniture or beds.
  • Please avoid the use of plates, cups and other household utensils for the care of your pet.
  • Do not bathe your dog in the showers. Avoid using towels to dry setting your dog.
  • Any owner of the dog must leave a mobile phone number to reach you in your absence, if the pet requires assistance.
  • Avoid the pet is left alone for long periods.
  • Las mascotas no pueden mojarse o bañarse en la piscina.
  • These rules are made so we can all live together. If they are not respected the Administration is free to discontinue service to pet owners.
  • It only allows one pet per couple or family must bring your bed and conveyor.
  • All pets must be under adult supervision.
  • At the time of check-in will be made to sign this document as acceptance of the conditions.

Thanks to compliance with these rules and hope you have a pleasant stay in our hotel.


It is strictly forbidden to disturb the neighbors with music or noise. No you can play music and make higher noise to 65 decibels from 22:00 pm to 9:00 am.

It is strictly forbidden performing parties, and if the police you present. Will be fully responsible for the economic sanctions that does not entail.

meetings and / or dinners of more than 20 people are also prohibited.
Any of these actions may result in termination of this contract and expulsion of the house, with the consequent loss of total booking and paid bail and no refund.


It is the duty of every day customers to deposit garbage in the containers fit for it located on the main roads. Keep in mind that in many of the accommodations are in rural areas and the stored waste can attract animals. At the exit should not be any garbage bag in the housing. If not yes, we would have to deduct from the security deposit a penalty of between € 40 and € 100.


The rented property is delivered perfectly clean.
The day of departure the property must be in the same clean condition it was found. It is important that the kitchen, barbecue and all its utensils are completely clean and collected. Otherwise, we will charge a penalty deposit of minimum 80 € may be more depending on what condition the property is left.

13. KEYS:

In case of loss or non-delivery of keys (same number of games delivered keys) we will be obliged to deduct a minimum amount of € 100 for the lock change and labor.


The costs incurred by the lessee as a result of the water supply, gas and electricity shall be deemed included in the price, unless otherwise indicated. Not so the heating, telephone or other. In any case the owner shall approximate these concepts to satisfy the tenant prior to the start of the lease, subject to further quantification character amount.

Cuts water supply, electricity or internet are rare. Municipal and / or regional authorities, may agree to proceed to temporarily cut or limit the distribution of those supplies. In no case can hold PROSABUNAM, SL inconvenience or damages.


The tenant / customer may at any time terminate this lease, for which it must make cash to the owner, SL cancellation charges, which apply to the total amount of the originally agreed lease, will be quantified in accordance with the following scales:

  • a) Cancellation of 60 days or more before arrival = Penalty fee 50 €.
  • b) Cancellation between 60 and 30 days before arrival = Penalty of 50% of the total net price.
  • c) Cancellation 30 days before arrival = Penalty of 100% of all net price.

Any cancellation must be informed by the lessee to Casa Amador by email and date of the document shall certify it.


In the event of claims by the customer Casa Amador, Lessors shall provide the information needed to make the corresponding claim.

It started leasing, abandonment or renunciation of their stay at the property leased by the customer and without just cause will determine the extinction of any right to reimbursement or refund.


Casa Amador, reserves the right to substitute the reserved property by the customer for other similar alternative in terms of features and location, in cases of force majeure or for reasons beyond their control could not take place the lease on the reserved property.


The tenant accepts each and every one of the General Conditions, which claims to have read and understood in full.


For any divergence arising between the parties concerning the interpretation and / or performance of this contract the parties submit, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that could correspond to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Ibiza.